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Our Little Pond

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The main theme of this film is to depict the chain of mechanisms by which unhealthy parent-child relationships and family environment (the smallest social unit) create suffocation in the community (society).

In depicting this, I focused most on the relationship with mother.


Scuba has unconsciously applied the unhealthy mechanism that has been created between him and his mum to the outside the home. This is demonstrated by the presence of two friends. Each of the friends represents a "dependent" relationship and a "be depended" relationship. Faced with the breakdown of the friendship, the protagonist is forced to confront his mother, the source of the problem, and the chain of events behind it.


Scuba's feelings toward Sheer are of the same as Mum toward Scuba, and Patch is a person who has a sense of kinship with Scuba and understands this very well. As a side note, if Patch and Scuba had continued to grow closer, they would have developed a co-dependent relationship like Scuba with Mum (little girl), but this is not shown in the film for reasons of scale.

Scuba is completely unaware of these things at first, but gradually becomes aware of them.


At the same time, Mum is the future of what Scuba could have been, and she must have been in the same position as Scuba in the past. I can say that Mum(little girl) is the real protagonist of this story.

We cannot live without being affected by the social system. Even if it don’t work, It is not a simple matter of who is at fault.

However, by becoming aware of the system we are placed in, we can get "out". I hope I have been able to make people realize that all they need to do to break the negative cycle is to become aware.

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